Paying More for a Sustainable Cocoa

Brussels, 21-24 april 2024

The leading event on cocoa sector sustainability

A unique networking opportunity

The World Cocoa Conference is the leading event for the global cocoa and chocolate sector, bringing together all the stakeholders of the cocoa value chain – governments, cocoa farmers, cooperatives, exporters, traders, manufacturers, brands, retailers, financial institutions, logistics companies, international aid and development agencies, academics, etc. from across the world to exchange views and identify solutions for the sustainability of the sector.

Objective of the event 

The conference aims to serve as a tool to identify the economic, social, and environmental challenges of the cocoa sector, to assess the efficiency of stakeholders’ initiatives to address these issues, and to adapt future strategies.

Topics addressed 

Stakeholders have a unique opportunity to present the progress made in their initiatives and their novelties, while engaging in constructive discussions on a wide range of relevant topics, among which: farmers income and livelihood, farming models; gender equality; human rights; deforestation and other environmental issues; new cocoa products; market and consumer trends and prospects; governance structures and policies, etc.

Exhibition and side events 

Alongside the event, there will be an exhibition and a number of peripheral events, providing the perfect space for learning, networking and interacting with the global cocoa community.

Find out more about previous editions:

The fourth edition of the World Cocoa Conference, held in Berlin (Germany) in 2018, drew over 1,500 stakeholders from the cocoa industry worldwide. Organized by the ICCO, and graciously hosted by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, this event provided a platform for experts, farmers, traders, and policymakers to discuss sustainable practices, market trends, and advancements in the cocoa sector. Participants attended engaging presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities, all aimed at fostering collaboration and driving positive change in the industry. The fourth World Cocoa Conference was a major step forward in addressing the challenges faced by the cocoa sector. The commitments made at this conference contributed to ensuring a more sustainable, equitable and innovative cocoa sector.