Global Village

The World Cocoa Conference 2024 will have 2 hearts… one is the conference program and the other is the WCC Global Village. The Global Village has been created for an immersive experience in the cocoa world. The goal of this space will be to facilitate interactions and co-creations between fellow professionals and to exchange best practices. The Global Village will also be the home of the exhibition, dedicated to the Cocoa industry. The exhibition will consist of a variety of leading actors from the entire cocoa supply chain.

Participants’ experience of the village should be seen as storytelling and projecting the future of cocoa in a constantly changing world; with its many climatic, ecological, economic and social challenges.

The atmosphere will be conducive to informal contact the discovery of novel products, new experiences and the presentation of best practices. The village should be a source of inspiration for its visitors. 

Updated to reflect the expectations of a 21st century congress, these dynamic presentations, limited in time and space, in a relaxed and professional setting, reserved for a limited number of participants, will be ideally integrated into the WCC Global Village. Some open spaces will also be equipped with screens and operate according to the “Silent Disco” principle.

Global Village FLOORPLAN