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Sunbeth Global Concepts Limited (SGCL)is a reputable trading company based in Nigeria that specializes in the exportation of cocoa beans and other commodities to off-takers all around the world. 

We originate approximately 35,000 metric tonnes of cocoa beans annually. Our cocoa beans are of high quality and since inception, we have sourced only the best products from our community of over two hundred and fifty (250) local buying agents and regional merchants. 

Our vision is to be the leading food and multi-commodity service & solution provider in the global food and agriculture markets, by creating sustainable economic, social and environmental value across the full value chain.

Gold Sponsor

At Belcolade, we move the planet forward by creating innovative tastes and sustainable chocolate solutions which positively disrupt the chocolate industry to the benefit of people everywhere.​ In line with our purpose, we take concrete actions to achieve a more sustainable world.

We take concrete actions to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in our operations and make all packaging materials fully recyclable by 2025; helping reduce Belcolade’s overall environmental footprint, but also encouraging and enabling our customers to reduce their own climate impact. 

In the heart of Belgium, in Erembodegem, Belcolade’s facility is expanding. As well as significantly increasing capacity and boosting flexibility to better serve customers worldwide, and accelerating innovation; the entire Belcolade site will become world’s first carbon-neutral chocolate factory. It will run 100% on renewable electricity and therefore be completely free from fossil fuels. The facility will also source 90% of its water from collected rainwater.

Silver Sponsor

IDH seeks to transform markets through collaborative innovation, convening and investment in inclusive and sustainable solutions that enable businesses to create value for people and planet. To achieve this, IDH brings together coalitions of committed stakeholders from across global value chains towards joint visions and program agendas for sustainable trade.  

IDH’s international presence extends to multiple regions and landscapes, facilitated by a network of around 400 staff including experts who are embedded in key agricultural, manufacturing, apparel and commodity value chains. In 15 years of operation, IDH has mobilized private sector investment and support to test and innovate new business models designed to create better jobs, better incomes, a better environment, and gender equity for all.  

Bronze Sponsor

ALC provides environmentally sustainable, high quality product solutions specifically to assist those looking to protect or safely move goods in transit via land, sea or air.

We strive to be the world’s most innovative company assisting customers to move their products safely, with a focus on the environment and sustainability.  Our solutions are applied by customers around the globe – from the East Coast of New Zealand to the West Coast of the USA, supplied through our extensive distribution network.

Wherever you are in the world we can help you move your products safely.

Bronze Sponsor

Gloster Limited is engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of all types of Jute & Jute allied products, Woven & Non-Woven Jute Geotextiles, Treated Fabric-Rot Proof, Fire Retardant, jute products for Interior Decoration and Packaging of Industrial and Agricultural produce. Company’s two manufacturing units are situated in the State of West Bengal. The present management has experience of over 64 years in the Jute industry and running large Jute manufacturing units.

Gloster Limited is concerned about social welfare besides being sensitive to environmental conservation. We strive to develop our process for benefitting all our stakeholders. We encourage local employment.

Bronze Sponsor

Plot Enterprise (Gh) Limited is registered in Ghana to undertake cocoa processing. The company has put up a factory in the highest cocoa producing area of western Ghana to process cocoa beans into cocoa butter and cocoa powder, and thus adding value. Apart from the acquisition of this state of the art and modern equipment, great care was taken to recruit and build a team with rich experience, capable of running the factory to the highest standards. Our vision is to be the industry’s leading cocoa processing and exportation company and to be recognized for our distinctively high quality products.

Delegate Bag Sponsor

Jute is the second-most important natural fibre in the world after cotton due to its versatility and is called the Golden Fibre because of its lustrous yellow sheen and high cash value.

MASK Associates has been actively engaged in supporting and growing the worldwide jute industry since 1982. We export and manufacture all types of jute fibres and jute products including raw jute, jute yarn, jute cloth, jute bags, hessian, sacking and jute caddies worldwide.

Welcome Cocktail Sponsor

The Molenbergnatie group is a leading, innovative and trustworthy partner in end-to-end supply chain management of soft commodities.

Since 1867, Molenbergnatie has grown into the world’s leading supply chain management company for coffee, cocoa and other soft commodities such as rice, dairy and nuts. With headquarters in Antwerp, Molenbergnatie has expanded to Spain. Molenbergnatie offers a complete logistics service package, handled by professionally trained staff. Our variety of services includes forwarding, processing, customs declaration, warehousing and distribution. 

Agroforestry Sponsor

COFCAO is committed to sustainable agriculture that promotes healthy ecosystems and sustainable management of land, water and natural resources, while guaranteeing food security for local populations.

To be truly sustainable, agriculture as seen by COFCAO meets the needs of present and future generations for products and services, while guaranteeing profitability, environmental health, and social and economic equity.

The global transition to sustainable food and agriculture requires significant improvements in resource efficiency, environmental protection and system resilience.

Sustainability Sponsor

Solidaridad is an international network organization with partners all over the world. There is one agenda and one strategy: together we learn and progress, together we achieve results and together we decide on future steps. As the impact of climate change on coffee becomes more evident, producers and buyers question the intensive cultivation methods, which rely on inorganic fertilizers and full sun exposure, promoted during the last decades.

“We want to bring sustainability back home.” – Jeroen Douglas, former Executive Director

Event Guide Sponsor

As a sourcing company and supply chain manager, MINKA SCS AG specializes in the sustainable sourcing and delivery of cocoa beans from several origins and continents. Our knowledge of international trading is based on decades of experience, which has allowed us to grow MINKA into a company providing first-class contract execution and customer satisfaction. Through our decade of experience, we have proven ourselves to be a reliable supplier of certified and conventional cocoa beans to the international cocoa processing industry. 

Event Application Sponsor

Our slogan “At the heart of international trade, shipping & industry” reflects the vision of Filhet-Allard Maritime, specialists in marine and transport risks since 1846. Our activity is focused on international trading. We offer insurance solutions for importers/exporters and traders of agricultural commodities including cocoa.

Our dynamic and experienced team of Account Executives, Underwriting Specialists, Claims Handlers, Recovery Specialists, and Back Office Management protect, defend and serve our customer’s interests by providing tailor-made coverage & solutions.

Our technical and logistical platform of over 170 employees covers worlwide activities with offices in Europe, Africa and Asia.


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